7 Things You Did Not Know About Skin Pores

7 Things You Did Not Know About Skin Pores

A lot of us are obsessed with wanting tiny skin pores. So let us bust some very common myths about these mystical pores today, shall we? Did you know that our skin pores do not ‘open’ or ‘close’ from exposure to a specific temperature or skin products? There are no muscles opening and closing our skin pores.

What happens though is that the outer layers of the skin get inflamed when exposed to say water at a higher temperature and may seem like they have ‘opened’. The size of the pore is influenced by genetic factors and aging. But pores can definitely get enlarged from build-up of sebum along with dead cells, and as a result secret more oils through wider opening. Smaller pores make the skin look clearer. Here the right essential oil blends like ones used in making Shankara’s Microcrystal Exfoliator, that has the goodness of algae-aloe extract, essential oils of sandalwood, turmeric, melissa; CO2 extract of helio carrot, oregano leaf, thyme, olive leaf, rosemary leaf, lavender flower extract, golden seal root, neem; papaya leaves; and fulvic minerals can help you greatly by helping cleanse the skin pores, keeping them taught and keeping excess oils out.

So here are five facts coming up for you about the mystery that is our skin pore. (Bonus-Here’s how you can clean up your skin pores in 6 very simple ways.)

1. Structure of the pore

Pores are openings through which the oils stored in the sebaceous glands come up to the surface. Hair follicles and pores can grow a single shaft of hair, and we possess 5 million such hair follicles. So we need to stop sweating about pore sizes so much, given how many of them there are.

2. Size of the pore is genetic

Genetics largely define the size of skin pores. In other words, whether you are going to have large pores that secrets more oil, or tiny pores that look clear and tight but may occasionally require oil support, all depends on what you have inherited genetically. Having large pores is not something you need to worry about. In fact the oiliness and larger pores can reduce the appearances of aging.

3. Aging causes pore enlargement

Collagen that is responsible for holding the skin texture intact tends to collapse as we age. This causes skin to become incrementally less elastic. As the skin sags, the pores become more and more visible, tear-shaped, as we age. Exposure to the sun, over time, has a similar effect on skin pores. It leads to inflamed and thickened skin cells. Cells burnt from the exposure to sun tend and rough on the edges to make the pores look even larger. But the 5000-year old science of healing and wellness, Ayurveda offers effective and non-invasive ways to help you prevent skin aging, so your skin can look timeless. Here are 5 Ayurveda-inspired ways to look ageless.

4. Smoking is injurious to skin pores

Now you may wonder, what does a habit like smoking, have anything to do with the skin pores! When you inhale nicotine every day, what it does is dries the skin, affects the blood vessels that carry the nourishment and oxygen to every cell. De-oxygenation of skin can lead to widening skin pores. (Here’s how oxygenation helps you deal with your skin aging problems).

5. Frequent face washing with mild face washes is better than never washing, for healthy skin pores

Also if you do not wash your face as frequently as you should, sebum and dirt can get deposited, widening the skin pores in time. For the most soothing experience in cleansing your skin pores, you can try Shankara’s Hydrating Cleanser that comes richly endowed with the goodness of ultra-soothing chamomile, lavender, neem, and calendula that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple but never greasy.

6. Minimize its appearance

The fact is there is not much we can do to change the size of the skin pores we have been born with. But we can definitely manage how the skin pores appear by doing a few things as part of our regular skin care like, exfoliate the skin regularly. We recommend Shankara’s Microcrystal Exfoliator that helps you uncover beautiful, radiant skin with this exceptional exfoliation treatment. Ultra-fine silica crystals combine with aloe gel and five algae extract to gently slough away dry, dead cells revealing a healthy, youthful glow that is tangibly soft.

Apart from exfoliation, you can do well by wearing a suitable sunscreen if you need to step out every day, dab away the excess oil frequently, stay away from the smoke, and be sufficiently hydrated.

7. Look for products that use clay, for tighter skin pores.

Clay has absorptive and tightening properties, and so using them in the mask can minimize the appearance. Shankara’s Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, is made using ingredients like neem, white clay, and tea tree that draw out impurities and absorb excess oil. Grapefruit seed extract and white clay help increase the glow on the skin that is clear, healthy, and fresh.

And finally, follow a healthy, nutritious, anti-oxidant-rich diet. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. What you eat, shows up on your face.

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