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What is Vata Skin?

What is Pitta Skin?

What is Kapha Skin?

Will my Ayurvedic Skin type change with Age?

Can I use a different moisturizer than the one for my skin type?

What Products should I use if I have Acne?

I started using the Blemish products and it seems like more acne is coming up. Is this normal?

I stated using Shankara products and I am getting a few pimples. Am I doing something wrong?

Should I be afraid to apply oil on my oily skin?

Can your oils clog pores?

Are there any facial or body treatments that are not recommended for use during pregnancy?

How to use the cellulite treatment products for best results?

Which Aromatherapy or Body Massage Oils should I use?

Can I use the Anti Age Serum if I have blemishes?

What is the relationship between Ayurvedic skin types and western skin types?