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Our 5-Step Program 5 Step Program

Nurturing your beauty in 5 steps

Step One: Cleanse

All Shankara cleansers are pH balanced to protect the skin’s natural acid mantle (and thereby eliminate the need for a toner). Formulated with pure, naturally derived cleansing ingredients and infused with purifying, nourishing and highly regenerative actives.

Step Two: Exfoliate

Shankara exfoliants refine skin texture while stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, all of which are crucial for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Step Three: Repair

Shankara Daily Repair Serums are infused with ultra-regenerating plant and algae extracts, amino acids and peptide complexes. This supports skin repair and renewal and arrests aging.

Step Four: Regenerate

Shankara Anti-age Serum sparks a dynamic age-reversal process by energizing skin cell metabolism by stimulating collagen production, while providing the maximum deep tissue oxygenation and hydration necessary to regenerate and maintain healthy skin.

Step Five: Protect

Shankara moisturizers, with oxygenating and regenerating extracts and essential oils, deeply penetrate skin to effectively balance various skin conditions and deliver age-preventing antioxidant protection. All our moisturizers provide moderate, natural UV protection.

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