Top 4 natural cures for skin tightening

Top 4 natural cures for skin tightening


A taut, well-moisturized, and glistening skin is not the stuff of dreams anymore. With some self-care, discipline, and help from nature, it is now well within our reach. Now you can safely bid goodbye to sagging and wrinkly skin, which is one of the first signs of aging.

There are a couple of reasons why our skin starts looking ragged, wrinkly, and dull over time. One is as we age, collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for our skin’s tightness and texture, begin to break down with a weakening of facial muscles. You can speed up this process by exposing the skin to a disproportionate amount of bad sunlight, which is nothing but the damage from UVA radiation. The radiation potentially damages the DNA of skin cells and can lead to faster cellular death, which again leads to damage to collagen and elastin. Sometimes factors like a sudden loss of weight loss can also make the skin look old and loose, as the fatty layers beneath the top epidermal layers of the skin begin to loosen and the ligaments tend to have been stretched.

But there are a few things you can do to gift yourself supple, firm, and well-hydrated skin.

1. The magic of coconut oil

Along with providing your skin the right amount of moisturization, it comes loaded with antioxidants that fight the free radicals that damage the supportive, connective tissues in skin cells responsible for how your skin looks in terms of tightness and texture. It also reduces the inflammation caused by UV radiation. It is good for people with dry skin and also for people with skin conditions like eczema or atopic dermatitis. The oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties too.


Shankara’s Hydrating Cleanser is an ideal choice if you want a blend of essential oils including coconut oil that work more effectively for your skin.  The cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft, tight, and supple as soothing herbs combine to give you a glowing effect. Shankara’s Hydrating Cleanser comes endowed with the goodness of ultra-soothing chamomile, lavender, neem, and calendula that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple but never greasy. The other exotic ingredients include amino acids; essential oils of sandalwood, Amyris, lavender, grapefruit sweet fennel, extracts of the comfrey leaf, lemon balm, Gotu kola, chamae rose, and calendula, among others.

2. Vitamin E-rich olive oil

Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil is a powerful way to retain moisture in the skin and fight rogue radicals all at once. The oil helps increase elastin production, reduces signs of aging, fights oxidative stress, prevents inflammation of the skin, and is a good cleansing agent. Instead of applying the oil topically, you can preferably look for products that use it as one of its ingredients like in cleansers or moisturizers.

3. Cool as a cucumber


This is yet another powerful ingredient that goes into making a usable skin toner with its skin tightening, hydrating and detoxifying benefits. Rich in folic acid and vitamin C, it helps reduce puffiness in the skin, especially around the eyes. Their mild astringency makes them an excellent ingredient for clearing up the dead cells and dirt from skin pores and for tightening the pores too. Since they clear up the clogged pores, they also help prevent acne breakouts this way. The antioxidants and vitamins present in cucumber have regenerative properties that help the growth of new cells that keeps the skin looking soft and fresh.

4. Lemon to boost collagen

Lemon again is a rich source of vitamin C that supports the production of collagen, an important protein to protect your skin’s soft and firm texture and reduce visible signs of aging. The astringent quality of lemon works on tightening your skin, detoxifying, removing dead cells, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Again it is preferable to use Vitamin C-based products that use lemon or essential oil in regulated amounts as direct topical usage can cause irritation and other side effects.


Shankara’s Purifying Cleanser helps remove makeup, dirt, and oil before it clogs the skin pores and causes acne and breakouts. Your skin will benefit from the gentle cleansing power of witch hazel and olive leaf. Add to that the purifying properties of manjistha along with calming, soothing lavender and you have beautiful tight, soft, and glowing skin.


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