6 Easy Hacks To Keep Calm Before The Big Interview

6 Easy Hacks To Keep Calm Before The Big Interview

Your breath has the power to win you a job or a deal! Seems a little far fetched? But picture this, you have a big interview for your dream job to face or a deal worth millions to crack and you get just one shot. There are no second chances. You find that people you are competing with for this coveted job or deal are equally capable and may have a few things actually going in their favor. We have all been in underdog situations at some point in our lives. Not just in case of jobs or deals, you may also have a big game or a tournament final coming up that you must win. Given that everyone you are competing with is equally well prepared because the stakes are so high, in all of these situations, how you keep your nerves, mind peaceful and clear, could tip the game, deal or interview in your favor. But how? Here we list the top 6 breathing secrets offered by Rishi Patanjali, the proponent of Yoga, that you can practice before a critical event-

1) Hm Sound

If you are wearing formals, first release the tuck-ins. Next, remove the belt. Then, close your eyes and sit with either legs crossed or legs planted firmly on he ground if you are sitting on a chair.

  • Take a deep breath in and breathe out.
  • Again take a deep breath in and then make the Hm sound with force while keeping the mouth shut. Take 5-10 such breaths and each time breathe out while making the Hm sound.
2) Exhale thru mouth

Take a deep long breath through the nostrils in and breathe out through the mouth. Repeat the cycle 5 times. This instantly helps to calm the frayed nerves and the body settles down.

3) Shake it off

Take a dee breath in and as you breathe out, just shake your hands and fingers in front of their body, by the sides of the body, releasing all the restlessness and nervousness in the body. After doing this, just relax and sit with the eyes closed for a couple of minutes.

4) Yogic breathing

Take a very deep and long breath in, then expand the chest, after that expand the stomach, hold it for as long as you can without making a lot of effort.  Next, slowly as you breathe out, relax the stomach first and then relax the chest. Repeat this cycle 5 times. Now there might be a tendency to expand and release both chest and stomach together but with awareness you can correct this pattern. The order (Breathe in-expand chest-expand stomach-breathe out-relax stomach-relax cheat) is most important in this Pranayama for it to work.

5) Observation

Sit with eyes closed, palms on the knees, facing the ceiling. Make sure you do not place the palm on the knees facing downwards.

  • Just observe the goings on in the body and mind.
  • Observe the breath
  • Take very slow and long deep breaths in and out 5-7 times.
  • Keep relaxing the body with every breath out. When you feel total and complete, you can slowly open your eyes.
6) Bhramari or Bumble Bee breathing
  • Breathe in from your nostrils and breathe out from the mouth very slowly. (5-10 times)
  • Sit with eyes closed, hands on the knees, palms facing the sky.
  • Take a deep breath in and make a humming sound like a bee. (5 times)

With every breath out, make the humming sound and keep relaxing more and more. This breathing exercise makes the intellect sharper and clears the mind.

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