5 Morning Rituals For A Great Start To Your Day

5 Morning Rituals For A Great Start To Your Day

Snooze. Rush. Try playing catch up. Slog. Repeat. Sound familiar? What you do in the mornings can set the tone for your entire day. Here are 5 morning rituals that can help you exercise more control over your day and eventually your life.

1.Rise Earlier!

Not only will this set your body’s circadian rhythms right, and therefore keep you happy and healthy, this is also the best time to be with yourself. Enjoy the morning silence, before you get sucked into the bustle of your daily routine. May be watch the sun rise as you sip on a warm drink? Did you know, there is an entire science dedicated to sun gazing and how it affects your health? More on that later!

According to ancient seers, the best way to gaze at the sun is to look at it with a sense of belongingness and friendship. It triggers tremendous amount of positivity to kick start your day apart from the richness of Vitamin D.


2.Splash Your Face With Cold Water

One of the simplest and most natural ways to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, the wellness nerve which regulates almost every important function in the body and is responsible for your overall health and well-being, is splashing your face with cold water! Wonder how you can preserve the freshness of your skin that feels so supple in the morning? Wash your face with this hydrating cleanser to preserve the tenderness of your morning skin.

3.Who’s On Your Mind?

Global spiritual leader and humanitarian, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who founded The International Association For Human Values shares an eye opening observation about the nature of our mind. He says that you really are a collective of the people you think about the most and that you imbibe the qualities of the people you think about the most. So it is a good idea to begin your mornings by remembering and meditating upon kind, benevolent or great people, or loved ones(or may be a happy baby!). Watch out for the mind’s tendency to focus on negativity in spite of all of the positivity around us and consciously break the pattern.

4.Gently Stretch Into The Perfect Day

Not only do Yoga and Meditation power you through your day, they help you keep your inner calm when things go south. A few minutes of asanas to stretch your body, some breathing exercises and 20 minutes of meditation- there couldn’t be a more perfect start to your day.

5.Before You Go To Sleep, Forgive!

You can try this out for yourself! The thought with which you go to sleep will be the one you wake up with too. So it serves you well to go to sleep with gratitude. Forgive everyone, and yourself for everything that might have transpired during the day. Let go of all baggage from the previous day and start every day afresh.

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