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7 Reasons This Vitamin Is Unavoidable In Your Daily Beauty Care Regime

7 Reasons This Vitamin Is Unavoidable In Your Daily Beauty Care Regime

Vitamin E is a family of antioxidant compounds, with Vitamin E Tocopherol being the most common one found in sun screens, moisturizers and serums that is eligible for human use and application. But why does your skin need it?

Vitamin E is a super power of an antioxidant that effectively keeps off the free radicals from winning the race against time for your skin.  Free radicals are a direct outcome of exposure to the sun, pollutants, stress from the external environment that can take away the health and glow of your skin and make you look far older. Here are a few other reasons why you need Vitamin E for your skin.

Vitamin E is found in the sebum, a secretion from the skin’s oil glands, responsible to fight off rogue free radicals. It occurs in some foods and it is also used as an ingredient in high quality skin care products.

1. Slows down aging

Daily exposure to pollutants can lead to release of free radicals that destroy the skin’s collagen, fibres that are responsible to maintain skin’s tightness. This can make the skin age faster and show up as dark spots and wrinkles. Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant that mitigates this oxidation.

Your skin needs additional doses of vitamin E because the naturally occurring Vitamin E diminishes quickly in the process of keeping off the free radicals from damaging your skin.

2. Absorbs Ultra violet blue rays of the sun

Vitamin E absorbs the damaging ultra violet blue light of the sun that causes premature skin aging. So if you do not use a sun screen, Vitamin E along with vitamin C may still hold up against the burning rays.

3. Meets the skin’s hydration and moisturization needs

Vitamin E is found in the membranes around skin cells that act as a barrier and nourishing agency for the skin cells. It is responsible for holding in moisture and keep the cells within hydrated.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Not many know that Vitamin E Tocopherol also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is found to be effective in treating conditions like atopic dermatitis, redness of skin or irritation.

5. Foods rich in Vitamin E

The foods that contain vitamin E include nuts, spinach, Swiss chard, red bell peppers and broccoli. Foods carrying a combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C are highly nutritious for your skin.

6. Reduces scars and dark spots

Vitamin E speeds up the recovery of the skin from drying wounds, scars or black spots by fighting off free radicals that do the opposite, that is, they resist healing of the skin from damage, scars and spots.

7. Making the right choice of Vitamin E

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It is very important to pick the right products like serums, sunscreens or moisturizers with the right dosage of vitamin E tocopherol. Pick products with Vitamin E tocopherol that absorb easily into the skin for full benefit. It is even better if you could find herbal products that combine ingredients like Vitamin E and sources of Vitamin C for holistic nourishment of your skin. For Example, Shankara’s range of beauty care including Shankara’s Hydrating Body Silk, and Anti-Age Serum come replete with more than 20 nourishing and rejuvenative ingredients including Vitamin E tocopherol, Vitamin C ester, microalgae extract, Carbohydrate complex, aspen bark, vegetable-derived sugars,; rose absolute essential oil, mandarin essential oil, golden flax extract, sandalwood essential oil, hibiscus, gotu kola and amla among others.