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6 Must-Dos For Your Post-Workout Skin Care Routine

6 Must-Dos For Your Post-Workout Skin Care Routine

Did you know, your acne may be linked to your workout? Though you have no reason to stop working out because of the innocent breakout, it is interesting to note the connection.

Dermatologists explain that letting sweat and perspiration sit on your skin and dry post workout can cause an acne outbreak, irritation, redness and pore clogging. This is because the bacteria, dead cells and dirt coalesce to clog your skin pores, leading to host of other skin problems including acne. This is further damaged by another practice- working out without removing make up.

American Academy of Dermatology offers surprisingly effective tips to manage your skin post and pre workout.

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1. Before your workout

You must wash your face and remove the make up with a light cleanser like Shankara’s Purifying Cleanser before you get down to the mat. This is because you do not want the sweat and moisture from your body to drill the chemicals from the makeup deeper into your skin pores.  Also, it helps to get rid of the dead cells before sweat meets your face.

Shankara's Purifying Cleanser

Shankara’s Purifying Cleanser helps remove makeup, dirt, and oil before it becomes a problem. Your skin will benefit from the gentle cleansing power of witch hazel and olive leaf. Add to that the purifying properties of manjistha along with calming, soothing lavender and you have a skin beautifying experience.

2. Clean washed clothes

Dawn freshly washed clothes before you begin working out. “Dead skin cells, bacteria, and oils on unwashed clothes can clog your pores, leading to acne,” say American Academy of Dermatology experts.

3. During workout

Use a washed and clean towel

This is important because your towel comes in contact with your skin while you perspire. A clean towel should absorb and clean the bacteria along with the sweat, instead of mixing with what already exists.

Pat. Don’t Rub

“When you remove sweat from your skin, gently pat it off,” AAD experts say, “Rubbing your skin can cause acne to flare.”

Experts also suggest, do not dry the skin completely. Pat dry about 90% of it and rest of it, let the skin dry on its own.

Sometimes sharing is NOT caring

AAD also suggests against sharing equipment like a helmet or shoulder pad with others in the gym or workout place. “These can be full of acne-causing bacteria and oil, which may cause you to breakout.”

Obviously, do your bit and wipe the equipment before you leave

It is equally important to wipe off equipment with sanitizing wipes since shared devices can contain acne-causing bacteria and oil. “If you use the equipment and then wipe your forehead or other acne-prone skin, you can spread acne-causing bacteria and oil from the equipment to your skin.” Says AAD.

4. After your workout


It is ideal if you could check in for a quick shower after getting done with a workout. This will rinse away acne causing bacteria.

Mild cleansers

Post work out, you need to wash your face with a cleanser to wash off the dirt off the skin that may have been trapped in the skin pore along with sweat.

Based on your skin type, you can pick a cleanser that does not increase your skin’s dryness not should it over moisturize.

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For dry (or Vata) skin

Vata skin is characterized by overall dryness (no combination pattern here) and will not show signs of redness or be sensitive. When out of balance that skin type will look dull and greyish. Vata skin show signs of aging faster because the skin is thin and dry to start with.

Shankara's Deep Cleanser

If you have a dry skin that tends to get flaky and hard or if you develop a flaky skin during winter, you can try a cream based facial cleanser that protects the essential oil in your skin. An ideal choice of cleanser for such a skin type can be Shankara’s Deep Cleanser.

For oily (or Kapha) skin

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Kapha skin has more oil but again, everywhere equally (not in a combination pattern) and will not show signs of redness or be sensitive. When out of balance they can look pale or puffy. Sluggishness is an issue in that skin type with water retention etc. As you said, they age slowly and that is because their skin is thicker and more oily to start with.

If you tend to have an oily skin, you should preferably use a non-oil based and light facial cleanser or an herbal cleanser that is made from herbs which are Pitta and Kapha pacifying like the Purifying Cleanser.

For combination skin

For many people, certain areas of the skin, also called the T zone, tend to be oily, like the forehead region or chin or cheeks while other parts of the skin remain dry.  In that case, you must use a cleanser which does not absorb away too much sebum from the skin, which may cause dryness, nor should it be too mild. In other words, you will need a cleanser that balances the lipids and dryness.

For sensitive (or Pitta) skin

Any signs of redness or even just a slight pink undertone to the cheeks means it is a Pitta skin.

It holds true for generally all skin types but especially for people with sensitive skin, you should use facial cleansers made from naturally calming herbs and minerals like egyptian rose, aloe vera, sandalwood. The Hydrating Cleanser, Purifying Cleanser or Deep Cleanser from Shankara are well suited for normal to oily to acneic skin.

For normal skin

For those gifted with normal skin that is not too dry nor too oily, you can stick to a mild cleanser that balances between maintaining the sebum levels and takes out the dirt and dead cells too.

AAD suggests, “When washing skin with acne, be very gentle. Apply the cleanser with your fingertips and gently rinse it off with warm water. Rubbing, hot water, or anything else that irritates your skin can cause acne to flare.”

5. Splashes of water

Finish it off with a few splashes of cool water.

6. Carry a face mist

Shankara's Daily Repair Body Mist

You can spray a moisturizing face mist to cool down your skin after the temperatures soar post workout. Repairing daily damage to the skin has never been easier than with a moisturizing body spray like Shankara’s Daily Repair Body Mist, that contains the goodness of 27 herbal essential oils and actives(no less)  designed to naturally renew, calm, nourish, hydrate, and protect. The nutrient-rich spray is full of antioxidants and is designed to naturally support skin renewal and rejuvenation.

Some of the herbal essential oils and actives used in making the mist include glycerin (veg.); aspen bark extract; vegetable-derived sugars; hydrolyzed algin and chlorella vulgaris extract; fir needle EO; geranium EO (leaf); lavender EO; melissa EO; green tea extract; aloe barbadensis; gotu kola extract; fulvic minerals; rose extract; chamomile extract; lavender extract; dashmoola extract; lemon balm extract; calendula extract; amla extract; ashwagandha extract; neem extract; kelp extract; jasmine extract; chamae rose extract; and life everlasting extract (Phew!).