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4 Things You Should Know About Managing Sensitive and Warm Skin

4 Things You Should Know About Managing Sensitive and Warm Skin

Some of us are blessed with an unusual skin type-too oily, yet sensitive and dehydrated. It can be difficult to manage a skin type like that without some understanding of Ayurveda and Doshic constitution that defines each individual’s mental and physical makeup including the type of skin.

If your skin rallies between being too oily sometimes to being too dry and sensitive, your skin type is likely to be Pitta. How can you manage Pitta skin, you ask?

The Three Doshas 

The three doshas, Pitta, Vata and Kapha, that derive their character from the five elements, air, water, ether, fire and earth, combine in differing proportions to make up an individual’s constitution orprakriti. This includes all factors-- physically, mentally and emotionally-- that express an individual’s uniqueness. While everyone has all three doshas, the relative dominance varies. Everything may be categorized according to its proportion of the Doshas. This would include: seasons of the year, times of the day, emotions, dreams, food, animals, colors, textures, sounds, aromas, herbs - if it exists, it can be determined if it is Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

1. What is the nature of Pitta Skin?

Pitta dosha is a combination of the fire and water element in the body and governs the metabolism function. And so it follows, if your skin type is Pitta, it will have the quality of heat and sensitivity. Such a skin type is warmer, sometimes drier and more sensitive that other skin types. It will have normal thickness, feel warm to touch and sensitive.

2. Qualities of fire and water can mess up your skin without proper care

Pitta is the cause for what we call the combination skin where the nature and qualities of fire and water can also bring contradiction in the skin with certain areas of the skin, also called the T zone, being oily, like the forehead region or chin or cheeks while other parts of the skin remain dry.

3. When Pitta dosha is aggravated or out of balance,

this skin can be oversensitive, and you could have more frequent flareups.

have a tendency towards redness, inflammation, and in extreme cases rosacea.

If fire element is too high the skin may feel partially dehydrated and sensitive and

if water is too high the skin may be partially oily.

4. Pitta skin ages faster

Since the skin type is sensitive, it is prone to damage from exposure to ultraviolet rays and will show signs of aging and wrinkling faster than other skin types.

5. Products to balance the heat and hydration in Pitta skin

You must go for products that are cooling, soothing and sufficiently moisturizing in nature to tame in the fiery Pitta. The ingredients should be anti-inflammatory to calm down the redness and sensitivity. They should be moisturizing and balance sebum production. For example, Shankara’s specially curated range of products to manage Pitta skin are known to have worked wonders for high Pitta sensitive, dry and excess sebum producing skin. This includes

Shankara's Hydrating Cleanser

Hydrating Cleanser or Deep Cleanse Treatment

Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment

Daily Repair Serum - Fine-Line (rose)

  Anti-Age Serum

Fine Line Treatment Oil and/or Fine Line Moisturizer

Anti-Age Aye Cream

Calming Mask

If Pitta skin is too sensitive

Blend Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment with a little water or cleanser to adjust to your skin’s needs. If skin is extremely sensitive, skip exfoliation or use Deep Cleanse Treatment instead

If you have a Combination Skin

To address an oily T-Zone, use the Daily Repair Serum-Balance (meadowsweet) instead of the Daily Repair Serum – Fine-Line (rose). You may also use the Purifying Cleanser.