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Manufactured in Small Batches

Shankara products are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and product integrity. Cold processing preserves the vitality and nutrients in our products’ raw ingredients. Using structured water with its low surface tension along with its high zeta potential, increases the rate and depth of absorption of active ingredients in our products. We infuse oxygen into the products to increase the potency of the plant essences and ensure the pH balance of each product to maintain your skin’s delicate, protective acid mantle.



Cold processing ensures that ingredients will not be destroyed by excessive heat and will be able to maintain the highest level of activity. Herbalized oils are heated up slowly at temperatures that do not exceed 110 degrees to maximize and preserve enzymatic activity (enzymatic activity starts to break down at 120 degrees Fahrenheit).


Enhanced delivery system

We use structured water which has low surface tension along with high zeta potential to increase the rate and depth of absorption of active ingredients in our products. High levels of therapeutic essential oil blends also increase permeability.


Structured water oxygenates and enhances assimilation of nutrients

Organized water molecules have the innate quality of transmitting order into living tissues. When used as a base for natural components, this order is transmitted which in turn increases the content of stabilized oxygen in tissues, and enhances assimilation of all formula ingredients. This leads to better efficacy.


High zeta potential creates dispersion for better absorption

Fluid particles with high zeta potential carry negative charges. This means the particles repel each other, creating the maximum amount of space between each other. For molecules and particles that are small enough, a high zeta potential will confer stability, i.e., the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation and become more permeable. Fluid particles with low zeta potential carry weak charges, and thus do not repel each other. This will lead the particles to clump together and disrupt the flow of the fluid. A high zeta potential, in this case a high negative charge, will also migrate naturally toward the opposite charge. Our master Ayurveda cleansing treatment, for example, works on that principle. Being naturally highly negatively charged, this powdered herb cleanser attracts dirt and excess oil (which are positively charged) to effectively purify the skin without the use of soaps.


Low surface tension creates less resistance & more permeability

Surface tension of a liquid is a measure of its elasticity on surface. Its strength depends on the forces of attraction among the particles of the liquid itself and with the particles of the gas, solid, or liquid with which it comes in contact. Lowering the surface tension of a product lowers the resistance so it penetrates deeper into the skin.