Algae Extract (complex) Macrocystis pyrifera, laminaria, fucus vesiculosus, phaeophyceae; and rhodophyceae extract complex rich in oligosaccharides, enzymes; and vitamins. Nourishing, hydrating, conditioning and healing to skin.
Alpha Lipoic Acid A powerful, proven skin-protecting antioxidant that also enhances the effectiveness of other antioxidants. Significantly protects skin against UV radiation. Prevents depletion of lipohilic antioxidants Vitamin E and ubiquinol in skin.
Amino Acid/NaPCA Complex A unique amino acid complex that mimics the amino acid content of skin, providing optimum delivery of essential amino acids to the skin. Includes SodiumPCA, a powerful humectant found naturally in human skin. Combined with essential amino acids, the complex provides an effective moisture barrier.
ATP-Amino Acid Complex Derived from a special fraction of whey protein, activated amino acid complex with ATP (adenosine triphosphate), main source of cellular energy with all essential amino acids, a necessary component to skin regeneration