Ayurveda Skin Type Quiz

Ever wondered what was REALLY
good for your skin?
Take the Ayurvedic skin quiz to gain
personalized insights for healthy, glowing skin.

What’s Your Ayurvedic Skin Type?

Take the Quiz to Reveal Your Ayurvedic Dosha and Learn How It’s Affecting Your Skin

Understanding Your Dosha Will Help You to Awaken and Enliven Your Inner Radiance

  • You’ll Learn:
  • - Your unique tendencies and characteristics and how to turn them into strengths.
  • - How to care for your skin and radiate wellness from within based on your dosha.
  • - What you need to avoid in your diet and life and what to incorporate to nourish your Ayurvedic constitution.
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Does your skin experience acne?

Which of the following best describes your face shape?

It’s your day off, what are you most likely to be doing?

How does your skin normally feel to the touch?

Which of the meals below sounds the most delicious to you?

Which of these options best describes your hair?

Which of the following describes your ideal climate?

Describe your overall temperament, what’s your usual vibe?

How would you describe your sleep?

You’re having a stressful week, how do you react?

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