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Sansára, Shankara Abhyanga Massage

Sansára, Sanskrit for “continuous flow,” signifies the continuous flow of consciousness and life. Like the movements of the Abhyanga, a continuous flow of medicated oil, massaged in a rhythmic motion, works to affect the 7 Dhātus or layers of the physical and subtle bodies, bringing balance and harmony to the Dosha, revitalizing and refreshing the mind, the body and the Spirit.

Sundara, Shankara signature Áyurvedic facial

Sundara, Sanskrit for “beauty,” is the heart of the Shankara BioRegenesis™ Āyurvedic facials. Each individual possesses an innate beauty born of the synergy between, energy, light and Spirit. Through the alchemy of Western Science and ancient wisdom of Āyurveda, Shankara BioRegenesis™ products blend concentrated plant extracts, sea algae and monoatomic elements in a synergetic formulation to fight the damage of natural and environmental ageing.  

The result is a beautiful treatment that brings refreshment and nourishment to the skin and harmony to the Dosha, supporting and encouraging our innate beauty and strength of Spirit.

Nurture: a deeply cleansing and relaxing treatment for someone who needs nurturing while on the go (45 minutes).

Nourishment: a highly focused treatment that offers deep relaxation and intense nourishment for the skin (60 minutes).

Regeneration: the highly regenerative treatment with an added focus on the delicate eye and lip areas (90 minute).

Zekhara, Shankara Ayurvedic treatment for the Crown of the head

Zekhara, Sanskrit for “crown of the head” is an inviting treatment with deep significance in Ᾱyurveda. This is the location of the Crown Chakra and is symbolized by a lotus with 1000 petals. It is considered the gateway of enlightenment and full awareness. This encompassing treatment focuses on the release of tension around the head and neck, stimulation of the scalp, nourishment of the hair and balancing Marma energy points to soothe the mind and awaken the senses. The flowing oil of the Shirodhara quiets the mind caressing the scalp in a blanket of warmth.

AvarNa, Shankara signature body wraps

AvarNa, Sanskrit noun for “envelopment,” is a beautiful description of the enveloping and cocooning affect of the Shankara body wraps. These treatments are Dosha specific, designed to drain lymph, stimulate exfoliation and cell turnover and nourish dry, tired skin and to ground and revitalize the Being. As a meditative practice, stimulating movements followed by the warmth and enveloping nature of the wrap create space for deep relaxation and meditative space. Depending upon your desired outcome we invite you to select from the following treatments.

Ayurvedic Regeneration: a TriDosha experience for whole body nourishment and hydration.

Lymphatic Detoxification: to stimulate the sluggishness of Kapha.

Cucumber and Aloe: designed to balance the fiery nature of Pitta.

Honey Herbal Moisture Wrap: designed to hydrate and ground the dry, airy nature of Vata.

Herbal Cellulite Wrap: stimulates the melting away of cellulite and tightening the skin.

Seaweed Herbal Detoxification: cleansing and toning rejuvenating treatment for the skin.

Svendana Yantra, Shankara signature steam treatments

Svendana Yantra, Sanskrit for “steam bath,” is our Shankara signature mineral salt and herbal steam bath treatments.  Salt, an essential mineral necessary for life and vitality, is rich in minerals and trace elements found in the sea from which all life emerged.  In this treatment Shankara has combined the powerful elements of mineral salt with the rich healing of power of plant medicine and paired it with Svendana, steam.  Herb infused steam melts away the salt crystals opening the pores and softening the skin to more fully accept the healing properties of salt, herbs and oil, providing a rich and nourishing experience.  Balance is restored as we finish with the application of one of our body oils and body silks in a light Abhyanga style. 

Marma Healing Therapy, Shankara signature Ayurvedic Reflexology Treatment

Marma, Sanskrit for “vulnerable points,” is the Ayurvedic system of reflexology and acupressure point therapy. The Ayurvedic Marman points are significant energy centers located throughout the body that feed and nourish all mental, spiritual and tissue pathways and correlate to the body systems that sustain life. Using concentrated medicated oils each point is stimulated and brought into harmony relieving the body of stress and clearing the pathways of energy in the physical and energetic Being. The result is greater sense of peace and wellbeing with enhanced flow of ojas, the “life sap” that circulates throughout our Being.

Arundhati, Shankara signature 5 point star, hands feet scalp

Arundhati, Sanskrit for “morning star,” brings the focus of healing of this 5 point treatment to the scalp, our two hands and our two feet. Our mind creates our direction; our hands move our environment and our feet carry us to our desired destination. This focused treatment brings nourishment and replenishment through the use of herbal salts, medicated oils with our Tisrah balancing bowl and hot stone Marma Therapy to bring ojas (life sap) to our Being as we move along our life path.