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Clearer Skin

Discover an all natural way to clear your skin
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minutes each day.

100% Natural. 100% Simple. 100% Transformative.

The Shankara Advantage

Shankara blends ancient super-herbs with modern actives to sustainably create natural and effective skincare products for clearer and healthier skin.

Anything you put on your skin is going to show up in your bloodstream eventually. When you're using a product that contains chemicals, they permeate into your body through the skin and they end up a little bit in all of your various organs and often cause more harm than good in the long run.

Real People. Real Results.

On the experience of using Clear Skin Kit.

“Shankara is the first product line that I've used that has made a significant improvement in my acne. My redness has gone down, my break-outs have gone down. Overall my confidence is just really boosted.”

Shankara is proud to abide by the "Do No Harm" Principle and Our line is pH balanced, All-Natural, 100% Chemical Free and Cruelty Free.


Why is it so effective?

We harness the rejuvenating and balancing power of super-herbs like Lavender, Meadowsweet, Lemongrass, Rose, Neem, Manjista and Olive Leaf in our revolutionary formulations.

These herbs have been carefully selected for their enhanced ability to deeply purify, renew, rejuvenate, and protect the skin.

The results speak for themselves.

You will see and feel a sustainable transformation in your skin over a short period of time.


Lavender is rich in antioxidant with profound calming and cleansing properties.


Meadowsweet is naturally astringent and promotes balance in oily skin.


Lemongrass is soothing, purifying and helps tone the skin.


Roses are deeply moisturizing, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have soothing, calming, regenerating properties.


Neem is one of the most powerful purifying and soothing herbal allies for skin health. It is famed for its natural anti-bacterial properties.


Manjista invigorates and purifies the skin deeply while providing antioxidants and soothing benefits. Its antimicrobial qualities help combat acne and skin rashes.


Olive Leaf helps cleanse and absorb excess oils.

Your customized skincare routine

Purifying Cleanser This highly effective product contains gentle yet powerful cleansing herbs such as witch hazel, olive leaf and manjista along with soothing lavender in a rich and purifying blend. Use our pH balanced cleanser for a clearer and less oily complexion.
Benefits A highly effective cleanser for oily (Kapha) Skin For a clearer and less oily complexion Effective yet gentle
Key ingredients Neem Manjista Olive leaf
Blemish Support Serum The centerpiece of our Clear Skin Kit, the Blemish Support Serum is a 100% active serum that hydrates, soothes and rejuvenates the skin while balancing oil production. The serum helps remove all the obstacles for atmospheric oxygen to naturally restore the skin for a clearer complexion.
Benefits Soothes skin and breakouts Provides cleansing benefits
Key ingredients Lavender Meadowsweet Lemongrass
Rose Facial Mist Shankara's Rose Facial Mist is a refreshing and rejuvenating mist for rich skin hydration. Rose was chosen for its well-known soothing, calming, and rejuvenating properties. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, rose essential oil is also deeply moisturizing. This exquisitely pure facial mist will help combat skin dryness, and soothe sensitivities.
Benefits Ideal for a refreshing lift Deeply nourishing and moisturizing Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants
Key ingredients Roses

Meet your new skincare routine

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How to Use our Clear Skin Kit for Optimal Results

3 simple steps for healthier and clearer skin.


  • Dispense some Purifying Cleanser in the palm of your hand and distribute the cleanser to your fingers. Smooth over face and neck in a gentle circular motion from the center working outward. Wash with warm water and dry the face and neck with a soft, clean towel.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps (or as needed) of the Blemish Support Serum.
  • Spray a few pumps of the Rose Facial Mist over the face.


  • Dispense some Purifying Cleanser in the palm of your hand and distribute the cleanser to your fingers. Smooth over face and neck in a gentle circular motion from the center working outward. Wash with warm water and dry the face and neck with a soft, clean towel.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps (or as needed) of the Blemish Support Serum

Note: Do not apply any other products after the application of the Blemish
Support Serum to achieve desired results.

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True Words from Our Customers

I can’t stress enough how great my experience has been with Shankara. After using it for a few months I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.I have been struggling with acne for years now and nothing has ever made as much of a difference as Shankara’s products have. Although I still have break outs here and here I have noticed that they don’t show nearly as much and definitely don’t last as long. Aside from the benefits it has on my skin the products feel refreshing and I look forward to using them each morning and night.

Georgia BK

I have dealt with occasional breakouts over the years and never knew exactly what to do. My friend recommended trying Shankara’s Blemish Serum.I thought I would give it a try, and I also bought the Purifying Cleanser. I can't believe my skin has improved in only 3 weeks. I am so happy with the results and will be telling all my friends!

Emma P

I started seeing results within one week of using Shankara cleansing products daily. It was quick and easy to add it to my routine every day and my skin has never felt cleaner. It has helped to control the acne I have struggled with for years. I would recommend everyone try the Shankara cleanser and sebum softener!

Lindsey D

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