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Ayurvedic skin care is a different approach to skin care. It's not trying to force your skin to be a certain way or throw on products that worked for someone else and hope for the best. Instead, ayurvedic skin care is skin for you.
It's skin care for your skin type, for your constitution, and for your specific needs. It's natural, holistic, and isn't trying to "fix" your skin, but rather find the root cause and then restore health and balance. Glowing skin is a happy byproduct, of great skin health and happy, balanced skin.
dry skin Also known as Vata skin. Common signs of dry skin include the sensation that your skin is being pulled. It feels rough and tight, and since it’s less flexible/elastic, it’s more prone to fine lines and cracks.
normal skin Also known as Pitta skin. Normal skin is not too dry, not too oily. No significant blemishes. Just a regular, soft appearance.
oily skin Also known as Kapha skin. Oily skin is porous, greasy to the touch, and sometimes visibly shiny.
blemish skin Blemish skin is skin that is prone to acne, redness, or breakouts.