Shankara Elite


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We all know how busy life can be! The Elite program makes nurturing yourself a bit more easy taking care of you while you are busy taking care of everything else!

Here are some of the benefits included in Elite Program:

Elite Benefits

  • No membership fees for a limited time.
  • Unlimited FREE shipping.
  • ELITE GOLD: 20% off on any 3 products quarterly subscription and on any additional orders.
  • ELITE SILVER: 15% off on any 2 products quarterly subscription and on any additional orders.
  • Exclusive members only promotions.
  • Educational newsletter with insights on Ayurveda inspired wellness.

How does Elite work?

  • Select 2 products quarterly (for 15% discount) or 3 products quarterly (for 20% discount) from the drop down menu.
  • Your monthly payment will be calculated based on your selection.
  • 1 quarterly shipment with 3 easy monthly auto payments.
  • Unique discount code will be provided for any additional products or subsequent orders.
  • Products can be updated every 3 months and your monthly payment will adjust accordingly.
  • Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the year.