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OUR CALMING BODY OIL Comes infused with the powerful benefits of ancient super herbs.


Calms and Soothes


Addresses Insomnia and Stress


Addresses restlessness and anxiety


Calming, grounding and soothing


Rejuvenates and moisturizes


Facilitates rest and deeply relaxes


Try adding a couple of tablespoons of Calming Body Oil to your bath water or better yet, massage your whole body. Do this in the evening to let go of the tensions of the day. You can also play relaxing music and do some gentle stretching.

You can also simply massage your feet with the Calming Body Oil right before bed. Massage the top, bottom, sides and tip of each toe and the space in between each one of them. Pay special attention to sensitive areas. Massaging the feet is deeply relaxing and grounding.

Finally, lay down with your eyes closed and listen to a guided meditation before sleep. Our friends at the Art of Living have some great meditations for you to choose from. Check it out here:

These rituals using the Calming Body Oil will help
provide a deeply restful sleep!

Sweet Dreams!

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I love this product, I will buy this again

I took a chance, not knowing anything about this product but the bottle was attractive and the ingredients simple. I was not disappointed. It is a lovely way to unwind after a busy day, because you treat your skin to moisturizing and at the same time relax with a gentle , calming fragrance.

Great product - multiple uses!

I have used the Calming Body Oil for a few years now and I love it. I use it on my 7 year old son’s (very) dry legs in combination with the Nourishing Foot Oil and it works wonders. I have also used the oil on my dry and sometimes flaky scalp and it really helps.
Like the name suggests, it calms me and help me sleep better and the same goes to my son. I cannot believe that an oil can have such an impact. Five stars.

Helps me Sleep!

A favorite! My go-to especially after a long day and tiring day of work.....Even a few minutes of massaging the body (or even just the hands and feet) with the calming oil before hitting the bed removes fatigue that I might have been carrying through the day and helps me unwind.  The oil is so soothing that I am ready for a perfect night's sleep.  I have noticed that on the days when I use the oil, I tend to have deeper, more restful sleep.  

Sleep like a baby

On days when my mind is too active to fall asleep, I gently massage the calming oil on my hands and feet before going to bed and I sleep like a baby. This oil is like magic!

Favorite natural body care product

This body oil is one of my favorites for skin care! It is all natural, Ayurveda based body oil suitable for those with dry and itchy skin (Vata body type in Ayurveda). I have been using this for more than a year, and recently throughout my pregnancy as well since I developed very dry skin during this time. The fragrance is not overwhelming and the oil penetrates deep into the skin. Overall, great purchase!

The best essential oils in the market

I'm addicted to Shankara Body Oils and the "Calming" one does what it claims to do. I always roll it on just before my yoga class. Love it!