Ground Breaking

Our products balance the skin as well as the mind and emotions. Expect almost immediate topical improvement in your skin while products work to balance conditions from within. Using a rapid delivery system, the ingredients in our products quickly penetrate surface layers to catalyze real change. Shankara delivers an unparalleled experience of nutrition, oxygenation, hydration, and protection.
The vibrant life force of intelligent botanicals in cold-processed formulations produces a quantum leap in skin renewal and age-prevention.


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To keep it simple, VATA is DRY; PITTA is either NORMAL, COMBINATION or SENSITIVE; and KAPHA is OILY.

ATP is very active and may exacerbate the bacterial condition often present with blemishes. If you have only a few blemishes simply avoid the affected area when applying ATP. If the condition is more severe and the skin is problematic overall, simply avoid using the ATP until the condition clears up.

ATP is the commonly used abbreviation for Adenosine Triphosphate. It is referred to as "nature's energizer". ATP is found in all cells and is the 'spark that lights the fire'. In other words, it triggers cellular metabolism and without its presence, cells have no energy to repair, reproduce, or function.

In the case of skin cells, called 'fibroblasts', ATP is necessary for the fibroblasts to fulfill their role in producing collagen, the presence of which is characteristic of younger, healthier skin. ATP also plays a secondary role in degrading and replacing damaged tissue whose presence often is the reason for signs of aging in the skin.

For regeneration of cells or tissues to occur, ATP must be present, and the more abundant the presence of ATP, the greater is the potential for cells to repair and regenerate. The result is a healthier, more productive, more youthful body (or skin, in our case).

The problem we face as we age is that the body's ability to produce ATP declines over time. This is primarily due to the lack of available nutrients, particularly oxygen and hydrogen, needed to create ATP. The reasons these nutrients become less available are (1) environmental factors, such as free radicals created by chemicals in food and pollution that either use up or destroy the necessary nutrients; (2) poor dietary and lifestyle habits; (3) weakened digestion leading to the inability to break down nutrients from food.

ATP in the body is created through a chain of events that requires certain nutrients, oxygen and hydrogen, all to be present in a given order. If any single nutrient is missing, ATP is not created within the cellular structure. Once ATP is produced, 2 things happen: (1) energy is supplied to the cell and the cell can do its job; (2) water is the by-product of the chemical reaction that has created the energy, thereby hydrating the cell, and in particular, the DNA. One of the primary causes of aging is the drying up of the DNA.

In summary, ATP both energizes and hydrates the cell, and both functions are critical to preventing or reversing the aging process. ---- Our ATP Cell Serum supplies a stabilized, outside source of ATP (derived from milk protein) that has been proven to be assimilated and utilized by the skin cells. The clinical work and testing on this has been conducted by independent laboratories in Switzerland. Shankara products not only provide a usable outside source of ATP that furthers the regeneration of skin cells, they also provide the necessary nutrients required for the body to produce its own ATP internally.

Use Vata Balance Aromatheraphy or Vata Body Massage oil when feeling anxious, fearful or not grounded. You may also use the Vata Body Massage oil as a moisturizer if you have dry skin. Vata oils are calming, grounding and centering.

Use Pitta Balance Aromatheraphy or Pitta Body Massage oil when feeling irritable, angry or controlling. You may also use Pitta Body Massage oil as a moisturizer for normal or sensitive skin. Excellent for sunburned skin! Pitta Oils are soothing, cooling and calming

Use Kapha Balance Aromatheraphy or Kapha Body Massage oil when feeling lethargic, depressed or tired. You may also use Kapha Body Massage oil as a moisturizer for congested skin. Kapha oils are energizing, detoxifying (massage oil) and stimulating. Please Note: Do not use if pregnant (stimulating herbs).

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