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Skin Care Sample Kit (Free Shipping-MAX 3)


Not ready to commit?! Just take us for a spin! Trial our Skin care products to experience the all natural benefits for yourself. Only $10 with free shipping!

Choose your Skin type-Vata (Dry), Pitta (Combination/Sensitive), or Kapha (Oily) and receive a customized sample kit with the following contents:


Rich Repair Hydrating Cleanser- 15 ml cleanser; Rich Repair Serum Rose- 5 ml 

Rich Repair Treatment oil -5 ml; Moisturizing mask- 15 ml 


 Fine Line-Hydrating Cleanser- 15 ml; Fine Line-Daily Repair Serum- 5 ml

 Fine Line-Treatment Oil - 5 ml; Calming mask- 15 ml


Balance Purifying Cleanser- 15 ml; Meadowsweet-Daily Repair Serum- 5 ml

Balance Treatment Oil- 5 ml; Balance Oxygenating mask- 15 ml

Concerned about a few blemishes?  Good news! Just click the checkbox above to add a 5ml sample size of Blemish support oil on to your Skin care sample kit at no additional charge!!

You temporarily have Blemished skin? Not to worry, you're in the right place! 
Shankara's Blemish support products offer a safe and natural alternative in addressing acne symptoms. They will support your skin's metabolism as well as the natural detoxification process (and not suppress it) for a healthy and clear complexion. 
-Use the blemish support products until the condition has cleared up and the skin is balanced before moving onto using Shankara products for your specific skin type.
The ingredients contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties, as well as, act as an antioxidant nourishing your skin's immunity and bringing balance. 

Purifying Cleanser-15 ml; Blemish support serum 5 ml;
Blemish support Face oil 5ml; Deep Pore cleansing mask- 15 ml
*Free Shipping limited up to 3 sample kits per purchase.
*Free Shipping is NOT VALID when combined with ANY OTHER OFFERS



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