Timeless Essentials (Elixir + Kansa Wand)


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The Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir has been perfected with complete wellness in mind and with the intent of bringing a luxurious and relaxing spa-like experience to your home. The Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir comes in a dual chamber bottle that brings together a 5000 year-old Indian secret beauty recipe called Kumkumadi Oil also known as Red Gold Oil, in one chamber and an ultra-modern stem-cell technology-infused potent vitamin C serum in the other.

This dual chamber offers a combined power of 80+ 100% actives, aromatherapeutic natural and organic essential oils, and super herbs that will make your face glow with radiance from day one.

As such, the Elixir is paired with a Kansa Wand, an ancient Ayurvedic facial massage tool that provides a firming, relaxing, purifying and soothing experience.

  • Timeless Serum 15 ml
  • Timeless Kumkumadi Oil 15 ml
  • Kansa Wand


  • Relaxing and nurturing spa-like experience at home. The Timeless Elixir firms, hydrates, rejuvenates & brightens your skin. The Kansa Massage wand helps to revitalize, tone and soothe your skin while reducing stress and muscular tension.

Key ingredients



Saffron moisturizes and helps your skin lighten naturally.



Helps stimulate skin stem cells back into action and supports collagen growth.



Vitamin C boosts your skin's collagen production to give you firmer, more plump skin.


Each Kit contains 1 Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir and 1 Shankara Kansa Massage Wand. 1 Year Meditation Membership and How to use the Kansa Massage Wand instruction sheet.

Timeless Oil: Sesame Oil; A2 Milk; Sandalwood EO, Vetiver EO, Pink Lotus EO; Turmeric Oil, Xanthophylls, Crambe Oil, Beta-Carotene, Tocopherol, Rosemary Leaf Extract; Olive Fruit Oil, Olive Fruit Extract, Olive Leaf Extract; Symplocos Bark; Manjistha Powder; Licorice Powder; Indian Bay Leaf; Wild Himalayan Cherry; Lotus Flower; Costus Root; Turmeric Powder; Indian Berberry; Cobrasaffron; Forest Flame; Large Leaf Beauty Berry; Indian Fig Tree; Black Mustard Seed; Greater Galangal; Sweet Flag; Saffron; Sandalwood; Sappanwood/ Indian Redwood; Red Sandalwood Powder; Vetiver Powder; Red Ochre; Eaglewood; Clove Scented Echites/ Malati

Timeless Serum: Structured energized water; Aloe Leaf Juice, Algae Extract; Glycerin (veg.); Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprylate; Aspen bark extract; Orange Extract; Sodium Gluconate; Echinacea Purpurea extract; Xanthan Gum, Lecithin, Sclerotium Gum, Pullulan; Aloe Barbadensis; Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate; Rose Absolute EO; Sodium Hyaluronate; Hydroxyethylcellulose; Hibiscus extract; Golden Flax extract; Amla extract; Squalane (Olive-derived); Olive fruit oil, Olive fruit extract, Olive leaf extract; Ashwagandha extract; Neem; Mandarin EO; Sandalwood EO; Rosemary Extract; Gotu Kola extract; Wheat protein extract; Fulvic minerals; Rose; Life Everlasting

Shankara Kansa Massage Wand: Copper, Tin, Zinc

How to use

Dispense equal pumps of red gold-infused ultra-nourishing oil and citrus stem-infused serum into palm and mix with finger to create a 100% active elixir concentrate for firmer and more radiant skin. Use morning and night after cleansing. Apply to face and neck. Massage with lifting up strokes on your face and neck with Shankara's Kansa Massage Wand. Avoid eye area.
Measure 1-2 pumps each

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