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Nourishing Foot Oil

The ultimate in foot care
  • 100ml

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Healthy feet are directly connected to an energized body. Purify, refresh and moisturize your feet with Shankara's nourishing foot oil, rich with nutrients and anti-oxidants.


  • Deeply moisturizing and refreshing
  • Invigorating and energizing
  • Assists in keeping your feet cleansed

Key ingredients


Sunflower Oleic oil; Sesame oil; Kukui Nut oil; Jojoba oil; Grapeseed oil; Vitamin E Tocopherol; Lemon Basil EO; Peppermint EO; Butcher's Broom extract; Dashmoola extract; Neem extract; Cardamom EO; Cassia EO; Camphor EO; Lemongrass EO; Tea Tree EO; Manjista extract; Lavender extract; Clove EO; Ginger EO (root); Olive leaves extract; Ashwagandha extract

How to use

Apply to feet and massage May be used as an overnight intensive moisturizer for dry feet
Measure 2-3 X 2

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