6 Tips to Eat Well and Prosper

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1. Adopt vegetarian diet. Eat anything full of life. (Non-processed, fresh fruits and veggies are full of prana). Meat is death energy. Brings dullness and sloth and distorted emotions (leading to more interpersonal conflicts). 2. No white sugar, no white flour. They clog the villi in the intestines not letting any absorption of vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Absolute no-no if you are gymming. 3. Stop fried or sugary stuff. A typical fat molecule has the composition C­­55H­­104O6. It is extremely difficult to burn it down. All those trying to loose weight know this truth – a moment on the lips and lifetime on the hips. 4. Consume more proteins – milk, curds, paneer, tofu, daals, broccoli, spinach. They build muscle. 5. Go for Less carbs, especially away from exercise times. And make them spend more time in the mouth! 6. More fibres (acquired through eating fruits (not just juices), unpolished grains etc) help cleanse the bowels effectively.


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