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    Zen and Art of Riding a Bike

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    Years ago, I read this quote from Albert Einstein “Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. It just stuck with me and I wondered...

    Secrets and Science behind Vibrations

    Posted on
    Singing sacred songs and chanting has a deep and profound effect on our existence. There is a whole new realm of secrets about vibrations. Sacred chants like the Vedic Mantras,...

    What's Your Relationship With Uncertainty?

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    Usually when someone speaks of uncertainty, you hear verbs like tolerate, handle, overcome, deal with, cope with, etc. All of these have an inherent negative spin to them. Our attitude...

    5 Ways to Parent with Peace and Awareness

    Posted on
    Several years ago, I attended a parenting workshop. The facilitator gave everyone worksheets to write down what they would like for their children to be when they turned 18.  Words...

    Car Karma: 7 Life Lessons Learnt at the Wheel

    Posted on
    A few years ago, my husband and I were navigating a long distance relationship. While it was a tremendous learning experience on many grounds, one practical challenge I faced was...

    September 11: A Tale of 2 Survivals

    Posted on
    On that fateful Tuesday morning, I happened to be in the World Trade Center when the first of the two planes crashed into the towers. What followed is a tale of...

    Life, Death and Insecurity of the Ego

    Posted on
    Life and death is a continuous and non-stop cyclical process. Everyday we experience a microcosm of this process as we shift from waking to sleeping and dreaming. When we sleep...

    Leading with Freedom: Lessons on Vision, Engagement, and Being

    Posted on
    As the CEO of a leadership institute that trains and coaches emerging and seasoned executive leaders from Fortune 100 companies and leading business schools, I continually seek examples of leaders...

    4 Myths about Yoga

    Posted on
    As a yoga practitioner and instructor, I run into these commonplace Yoga myths. Myth:  Yoga is all about some physical postures requiring super flexible body which can turn into pretzel… Fact:  Today most of...

    3 Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

    Posted on
    Relationships are mechanisms through which we experience the world as it is. We always find ourselves relating to the “other”. It can be with things, people, events or even ourselves...

    The Key to Wellness Can Be Found in Ancient Mythology

    Posted on
    Nature has given you a tool to manage your mind, eliminate stress and be happy. You just need skill in how to use it. When you feel upset you usually...

    2 Steps to Raise the Quality of Your Life

    Posted on
    What is the quality of life that you want? Have you thought about what this means or where you find it? Is it based on your surroundings? Does living in...

    7 Secrets to Lasting Peace of Mind

    Posted on
    Quietening the mind or having thoughtless state seem impossible and frustrating goal to many meditators. So many times I had felt that instead of relieving the stress, this process caused...

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Top 10 Yoga Quotes

    Posted on
    Art of Living Yoga developed by contemporary yoga and spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on the overall well-being of the...

    Kick that Cold - 5 things you can do to stay well and recover faster

    Posted on
    Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold. Who can prevent a cold from coming, but curing the cold quickly can save you from bouts of sneezing, mounting...

    Empowerment : Are We Chasing an Illusion?

    Posted on
      There is a certain buzzword that seems to have caught on extensively these days. Every non-profit is working towards it. No politician dares to exclude it from his/her agenda....

    5 Yoga Poses for a Good Night’s Sleep

    Posted on
    If you are anything like me, settling down for bed can feel like babysitting a five-year-old. No matter how many times I promise myself that I will sleep by 10...

    5 Ways to Clear Your Mind This Summer

    Posted on
    Ever notice how sometimes summer feels like the more stressful and busy season?    A recent survey conducted by SleepRate shows that a third of Americans reported that they are more...

    6 Tips to Eat Well and Prosper

    Posted on
    1. Adopt vegetarian diet. Eat anything full of life. (Non-processed, fresh fruits and veggies are full of prana). Meat is death energy. Brings dullness and sloth and distorted emotions (leading...

    13 Tips for a Healthy Body and Stress-free Mind

    Posted on
    Make time to exercise and meditate regularly. Give your well-being a priority. The state of your body and mind affects your energy level and productivity. If you are well, everything else feels and looks so...

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