Increased hydration to counteract aging

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Anti-Age Serum One of the primary causes of aging is the drying up of the DNA.  From an Ayurvedic perspective, part of this dryness comes as a result of the natural aging process in which the air element in the body (Vata) inevitably increases.  This phenomenon will cause the skin to become dryer and a little thinner irrespectively of the skin type. As we age it then becomes crucial to stay hydrated to combat the rising dryness. Because of this, a very important part of the Anti-Age Serum’s function is to focus on replenishing hydration.

In an earlier post on the Anti-Age Serum, we discussed the ability of ATP to both energize and hydrate the cell, boosting collagen production. In a separate post we also mentioned a few hydrating extracts; the carbohydrate complex as well as the hydrolyzed algin and chlorella extracts. Both will help to increase and maintain the water content in the skin.

We will now build on this foundation and discuss another active that will play a very important role in the Anti-Age Serum’s hydration process:

Sodium hyaluronate

The key molecule involved in skin moisture is hyaluronic acid (HA), a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) with a unique capacity to bind and retain water molecules. Hyaluronic acid is present throughout the body and is an important component of cartilage, synovial fluid and the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid. Its smaller molecular size gives it the ability to penetrate the skin even more deeply.  One of the key properties of sodium hyaluronate, and one of the main reasons we include it in the Anti-Age Serum is its ability to hold more than 1000 times its weight in water. It will not only hydrate the skin, but also help reduce water loss and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

A higher water content in the skin will help it look youthful and retain its resilience and flexibility. Well-hydrated skin will also handle sun exposure and other environmental assaults better. Proper hydration helps the whole body function optimally and stay healthy. Drink plenty of water and take the proper steps to replenish hydration in your skin as well.


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