Shankara Anti-Age Serum

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Working hand in hand with nature and Ayurvedic wisdom to reverse and prevent aging.

Anti age serum

Shankara’s Anti-Age Serum contains an exclusive, proprietary botanical complex, called Ayurveda Energen Complex, to boost regeneration, energize, oxygenate and deliver antioxidant protection to the skin.

The cornerstone of the Ayurveda Energen Complex is the collection of rejuvenating and balancing herbs of: neem, brahmi, amla, and ashwagandha. Among many herbs used in the Shankara formulas, these traditional Ayurvedic herbs have been carefully selected for their enhanced ability to deeply purify, repair, renew and protect the skin:

  • Neem - Purifies the skin, which is the first step in achieving healthy, youthful skin.
  • Brahmi - Aids in skin regeneration - repairing and renewing.
  • Amla - Assists the Brahmi in protecting the skin. It also prevents damage and boosts collagen production.
  • Ashwagandha - Synergistically enhances the effects of the other ingredients, and helps the skin adapt to stresses created through diet and lifestyle as well as the environment.

The Ayurveda Energen Complex also contains Chamae Rose root with naturally occurring mono-atomic elements of gold, rhodium and iridium. These rare super conductors of energy synergistically enliven all other ingredients they come in contact with, increasing their effectiveness greatly.

The Ayurveda-Energen Complex is one of many ways in which Shankara products work hand in hand with nature and Ayurvedic wisdom to offer age-prevention results you can count on.


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