Shankara Anti-Age Serum

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Providing a stabilized source of ATP to further the regeneration of skin cells.

Shankara’s Anti-Age Serum

ATP both energizes and hydrates the cell, and both are critical to prevent or reverse the aging process. Shankara’s Anti-Age Serum not only provides a stabilized, outside source of ATP which furthers the regeneration of skin cells, it also provides the necessary nutrients required for the body to produce its own ATP internally. 

ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is found in all cells and is referred to as ‘Nature’s Energizer’. It’s the 'spark that lights the fire'. In other words, without its presence, cells have no energy to repair, reproduce, or function. The more abundant the presence of ATP, the greater the potential for cells to repair and regenerate.

As we get older, our body's ability to produce ATP diminishes. This is primarily due to the lack of available nutrients, oxygen and hydrogen, all needed to create ATP.  Nutrients become less available because of environmental factors such as pollution, poor lifestyle habits or weakened digestion lead to the inability to breakdown nutrients from food.

Once ATP is produced, 2 wonderful phenomena happen that will support a more youthful skin:

1- Energy is supplied to the skin cells allowing them to perform better, increasing their ability to produce collagen and to replace damaged tissue.

2- Water, the by-product of the chemical reaction that has created the energy, hydrates the cell, and in particular, the DNA (note: one of the primary causes of aging is the drying up of the DNA).


When provided with appropriate nutrition and life giving oxygen and hydration, your skin is naturally able to regenerate and repair itself.  ATP is key in that equation and a great anti-aging ally.


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