Oily Skin During Winters? 5 Things To Know About It

Oily Skin During Winters? 5 Things To Know About It

Come winter, as you prep your skin for the coming days of dryness, some of you may be faced with a new challenge- oily skin, that makes it even more difficult to moisturize and take care of the skin as cold dry winter runs deeper. Here’s what causes this unique problem and what you can do about it!

1.Oil production 

The sebaceous glands in the skin produce sebum all throughout the year to lubricate the skin; maintain the skin's natural moisture; and prevent microbial attacks. But overproduction or underproduction of sebum can make the skin oily or dry. Overproduction of sebum could be due to genetics, dietary factors, hormonal changes and environmental triggers. One of the environmental triggers is seasonal transition and increase or decrease of moisture in the air. 

2.Seasonal transition 

Sometimes the sebaceous glands over compensate for the dryness in the air by increasing the production of oil or sebum to protect the skin from the harshness of the dry winter. This could lead to oily skin. 

3.Oily skin according to Ayurveda

Winter is considered to be the best time for going the whole haul with skin care as the skin responds much better to nourishing skin treatments and absorbs nutrients better during winter than it does in summer. 
Speaking in terms of balancing doshas, winter is the time when vata tends to get aggravated. Vata combines the air and ether element that control movement. This time of the year is particularly worse for those with Vata constitution or an imbalanced Vata. So our skin care should include taking care of vitiated Vata and bringing in balance kapha dosha. Excessively oily skin is a sign of aggravated Kapha dosha. If the weather is really cold but not as windy, it could lead to Pitta imbalances too, as the heat from the body gets restricted due to shrinking of pores. This could make the skin more sensitive and prone to acne and breakouts. 

4.Scrubbing should be avoided

We may be tempted to scrub the skin vigorously to counter the excess moisture from the sebum production that may have led to a weird dry but shiny skin. But that may do your skin more harm than good. 
Moisturizing and slightly sebum balancing ingredients will adapt perfectly to the conditions of the skin and bring balance whether the skin feels perfectly normal or partially dry or oily (combination skin). Some products that your Vata-imbalanced skin needs:

·Hydrating Cleanser or Deep Cleanse Treatment

Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment

Daily Repair Serum

Fine-Line (rose)·

Anti-Age Serum·

Fine Line Treatment Oil and/or Fine Line Moisturizer·

Anti-Age Aye Cream·

Calming Mask

5.Bringing balance Kapha balance and containing the skin’s oiliness

To bring into balance the cold, heavy and oily nature of Kapha, products will be warming, light and sebum-balancing. Ingredients will also have stimulating qualities to help with congestion and sluggishness.
 An excessively oily skin is actually dehydrated at a deep level and tries to compensate by overproducing sebum.

Kapha products should hydrate the skin deeply while balancing sebum production. Products suited for Kapha Skin:

·Purifying Cleanser or Deep Cleanse Treatment

·Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment

·Daily Repair Serum-Balance (meadowsweet)

·Anti-Age Serum

· Balance Treatment Oil and/or Balance Moisturizer

·Balance Oxygenating Mask

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