6 Surprising Gifts Of Nature From White Rose And Pink Lotus

6 Surprising Gifts Of Nature From White Rose And Pink Lotus

When it comes to taking intensive care of your skin, hair and overall health, a rare combination of nature that few of us have explored is the bountiful gifts of the Indian pink lotus and Bulgarian white rose. When combined together as  an essence, they can be excellent relaxants, anti-depressants, fight fatigue and anxiety, improve digestion and help control blood pressure among several other benefits. Here we list some surprising benefits of both lotus and rose essence for the human body and mind, that may compel you to give them a try!

It is interesting to know that a lotus seed can lie dormant for centuries and then sprout into a beautiful and graceful lotus flower, stem and leaves.  It is considered sacred in many parts of the world and because of its need for sunlight and inability to withstand cold temperatures, it is mostly grown in Asia.

A)Helps regulate blood pressure

The lotus has vasodilatory properties, which means it relaxes cells in the blood vessels and widens them for easier flow of blood and improves blood circulation. It also aids healthy neural activity. Rich in potassium, lotus enables maintaining a balance in body fluids. The presence of significant levels of potassium in lotus roots ensures a balance between fluids in the body and prevents excessive sodium from affecting the bloodstream. It relaxes the blood vessels and further prevents contraction and rigidity, increasing blood circulation.

B)Helps reduce stress and fatigue

Lotus is rich in vitamin B complex and a compound called pyridoxine. Pyridoxine acts with neural receptors to reduce stress, fatigue and headache in the body. The combination of lotus and rose oil almost acts as anti-depressants in their effect on our mind and body, bringing total relaxation, minimizing anxiety and restlessness, leaving you with a sense of calm.

C)Gives the skin the perfect glow

Rich in Vitamins B and C, these give the skin and hair the perfect glow and inner strength. They also improve the production of collagen that aids the suppleness of the skin and prevents it from aging. Lotus also has anti-inflammatory properties

D)Improves sleep

Presence of essences of lotus and rose in your essential oils is great relaxant and improves your circadian rhythm, induces sleep for those who suffer from Insomnia. Lotus seeds are known to reduce palpitation and anxiety.

E)Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

Because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, rose oil is a good agent for treating minor wounds.  Its cooling effect on the skin is another gift of nature.

F)It is antispasmodic

The combination of rose oil and lotus essence as a bath oil works very well in reducing muscle spasm, or easing the pain occurring in the limbs during convulsions or muscle pulls.

G) Astringent properties

Rose oil is rich in anti-oxidants and plentiful in astringent properties, which makes it an excellent healing agent for cuts, wounds, stretch marks, reduction of scars on the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Here these two sacred oils are found together in Shankara Essence Lotus Rose from the house of Shankara.

In this signature collection, pink lotus from India and white rose from Bulgaria have been selected to naturally uplift and expand awareness. These are packaged in a convenient rollerball for use as needed throughout a meditation session or during the day.

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