5 Essential Oils That Men Can Use In Their Body Wash

5 Essential Oils That Men Can Use In Their Body Wash

When we think of essential oils in our skincare routine, we almost always assume it is for women and associate it with some form of femininity. But the truth is, nature’s gifts are there for everyone to relish and benefit from, and so why not men?

Granted, men’s skin is built slightly differently than that of women. Men, due to androgen stimulation, have slightly thicker skin, and the skin texture is tougher. But the skin’s need for exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing does not change for men. So here are some of the most versatile, mineral-rich, moisturizing, and aromatic essential oils that men need in their daily skincare routine, specifically in their body wash, like Shankara’s Calming Body Wash.


Men in many ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used this magic herb for treating wounds. This wonder herb is a skin booster. It has anti-inflammatory properties and works well to prevent breakouts. Deeply moisturizing as is, it is also naturally effective in cleansing and lightening the skin complexion. Most importantly, its anti-fungal properties help soothe irritated skin, which is a common skin problem for most men.


This is yet another rare science-backed herb that offers anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits for the skin, thus preventing acne breakouts, skin infections, and soothing irritated skin. Studies have also shown it has the potential in reducing foot swelling caused by edema. Research has also found geranium essential oil may benefit patients of neurodegenerative diseases as compounds like citronellal present in geranium essential oil is known to inhibit nitric oxide production and reduce neuroinflammation cell death. The geranium essential oil has a good reputation for being anti-depressive, reduces anxiety, and also effective in treating shingles pain.

Grapefruit seed

The oil made from the peel of this citrus gift of nature is valued for its nutritional and applicable benefits for the skin and hair. It reduces muscle fatigue, improves hair growth, tones your skin, and reduces acne and excess oils from the skin. It is an equally effective facial cleanser and a solid remedy for irritated skin.

Amino acids

While essential oils are of great value for a bright, healthy younger-looking skin, amino acids, as building blocks of peptides and proteins are a skin essential for their ability to reproduce their own antioxidants, to carry moisture throughout the skin, and hydrate. Some amino acids occur naturally in the skin but given our exposure to pollutants, environmental triggers like stress, a diet lacking in the right nutrition and a lifestyle that is misaligned from the ideal regime according to our dosha type, there has been a need to replenish the amino acids in our skin. Amino acids are needed to reinforce the body’s immunity, hydration and reduce premature aging of the skin, and so you can find key amino acids like Glycine, Alanine, Proline, Serine and Threonine in our Calming Body Wash, reduce fine lines and wrinkles; repair skin damage; protect the skin from external agents. Amino acids work even better when combined with NMFs or natural moisturizing factors like glycerides and Polysaccharide-Peptide composite, found in Shankara’s signature line of body washes.

Aloe Barbadensis

There are over 420 species of aloe, and among them, the most common and widely used species is the aloe barbadensis miller, used for myriad skin conditions right from soothing skin burns and tans to minor cuts and abrasions. The molecular structure of aloe makes it an effective choice for wound healing, boosting collagen, and reducing the appearance of scars. Aloe is useful for treating dry skin, while it also helps absorb excess oils. Aloe has been a recommended choice by dermatologists for numerous skin conditions like frostbites, cold sores, psoriasis, inflammations, and acne. But aloe is not recommended in cases with severe burn injuries.

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