4 Reasons An Eye Cream Is Much More Than A 'Moisturizer For Your Eyes'

4 Reasons An Eye Cream Is Much More Than A 'Moisturizer For Your Eyes'

Is the hype about eye creams really worth it? When I already have a decent moisturizer I use, do I still need to use an eye cream? If these are questions that have crossed your mind, then we have the answers. The shorter answer is, yes, eye creams do much than a moisturizer that you would use for your face and body. The elaborate answer is this-

1. Skin around your eyes is delicate

Why do we need an eye cream when we have been using a perfectly good moisturizer all our lives? You need it because the skin around your eyes happens to be much more delicate than the skin anywhere else on your body and so it needs to be handled slightly differently, given its special needs. The eye creams happen to be slightly thicker than a regular moisturizer and they have more oil content too. They are also packed with active ingredients and herbs that undo the damage caused to this delicate area of the skin, which is exposed to pollution, frequent movement, friction and aging.

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2. Skin around the eyes dries quicker

If you were about to Google, ‘Why does the skin around eyes dry quickly’, save the effort because we did the research for you. Turns out, since the skin around your eyes is so delicate and fragile, it does not have as much moisture-holding capacity as, let's say your facial skin does, and so it dries faster than skin anywhere else. This dryness if not addressed can lead to itchy, cracked skin or even wrinkles and fine lines. And so we need specially formulated products for addressing the issue of dryness too. For this reason, Shankara’s Anti-age Eye Cream is made with the gooey goodness of rose distillate, cucumber, unrefined shea butter, and oils like jojoba, rosehip, hazelnut, foraha, pomegranate seed, among other gently moisturizing ingredients.

3. You need something to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles caused by exposure to the sun, pollutants, rapid eye movements, and reduced collagen production as the skin naturally ages, can all be managed with specific formulations used in eye creams. Herbs and actives like sodium hyaluronate extracts, hydrogenated lecithin, kukui nut oil, vitamin e tocopherol, castor oil, aspen bark, eyebright, and amla supply Shankara’s Anti-ag Eye Cream with enough ammunition to boost collagen production, infuse your skin with key vitamins and minerals, while hydrating, retaining moisture, softening and relaxing the skin totally. Most importantly, this particular eye cream helps protect the fragile acid mantle of your skin including under the eyes.

4. Dealing with the dark circles

You probably haven’t been sleeping as much as you’d want to, your circadian rhythm being, well, not so much a rhythm as perhaps an inaudible hum. Stressful work-life, chasing deadlines and targets and goals that keep shifting, can all leave telltale signs in the form of dark circles around your eyes. Dark circles can also be caused by genetic factors, exposure to the sun, aging or fluid build-up. Sometimes if you have a fairer skin tone, the dark circles could be more prominent due to the prominent capillaries and thinner skin under the eyes. In some cases, dark circles may also be a result of lower oxygenation in the blood. As our skin ages, blood’s capacity to ferry oxygen through the body is compromised. This is just a factor of aging and can be addressed by using specific ingredients that increase oxygenation and absorption of oxygen into body tissues. Herbs like gotukola extract, calamus root extract, raspberry seed oil, aloe barbadensis, rice protein extract, soy protein extract, sodium hyaluronate, bilberry extract, bayberry extract; rose absolute essential oil, CO2 extract of Seabuckthorn berry, green tea extract, ashwagandha extract, eyebright extract; yerba mate extract, amla extract; CoQ10 extract, chamae rose extract, periwinkle extract, chamomile extract, life everlasting extract, and rose extract can help reinvigorate this delicate skin region, increase elasticity of collagen proteins, increase absorption of key minerals, and lighten the appearance of dark circles.

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