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From Tension to Tranquility: Top Reasons To Use Massage Oil Regularly for Skincare

Massages are truly remarkable. Who can resist the allure of a deep massage that eases those sore muscles? However, the wonders of massages extend far beyond mere physical relief.

A massage, whether performed by a professional therapist or through self-massage, offers numerous skincare benefits. Beyond the immediate sense of relaxation and well-being, regular massage with luxurious massage oil can significantly improve your skin's overall health and appearance.

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Let's Talk Body Massage Oil

Massage oil is a luxurious and essential component of any massage. It serves as a vital medium that allows the hands of the massage therapist (or your own hands!) to glide smoothly and effortlessly over the skin, enhancing the overall experience and effectiveness of the massage.

Massage oil is specifically formulated with various natural oils, such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil, each offering unique benefits for the skin and the body.

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Massage oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, which deeply penetrate the skin's layers, promoting hydration and leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. The natural emollient properties of massage oil help in supporting the skin's moisture balance, especially during prolonged massage sessions, preventing the skin from drying out or becoming irritated.

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The best massage oils out there have an aromatherapy aspect adding an extra dimension of relaxation and wellness to the massage experience. Many massage oils are infused with essential oils that carry their unique scents and therapeutic properties.


For instance, lavender oil is renowned for its calming and stress-relieving effects, while eucalyptus oil provides a refreshing and invigorating sensation. The pleasant fragrance of massage oils enhances the ambiance of massage therapy, helping to soothe the mind and create an overall sense of tranquility. What is your favorite essential oil?

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Massage oils are also known to have therapeutic effects on the muscles and joints. Massage oil supports adding gentle pressure and manipulating the muscles for more effective pain relief during a massage, which can help reduce muscle tension, release knots, and alleviate soreness.

Additionally, the warming properties of certain massage oils, like those infused with cinnamon or ginger, can provide a comforting sensation to the body, further aiding in muscle relaxation and promoting increased flexibility.

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What Are The Benefits Of Massage Oils?

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There is a reason massage oils have been popular for centuries—it works! Here are some of the top benefits of the best massage oil used for the skin:

  • Nourishes and Hydrates the Skin

Goodbye, dry skin! Massage oils are enriched with natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, providing essential nutrients and hydration. Massage oils are often made from natural oils, all of which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. These oils work wonders for maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving it soft, and supple, with a healthy glow!

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  • Promotes Better Blood Circulation

During a massage with massage oil, the gentle kneading and rubbing motions help stimulate blood circulation in the skin. Improved blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, supporting the body's natural healing processes. As a result, regular massage oil treatments can give your skin a healthy, rosy glow, while also reducing puffiness and dark circles.

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  • Enhances Skin Elasticity

With age, the elasticity of our skin tends to decrease, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The deeply moisturizing properties of massage oils can help the skin stay hydrated and promote collagen production, massage oils aid in maintaining skin elasticity, thereby reducing the signs of aging and promoting a youthful appearance for sensitive skin.

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  • Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation

It's important to take time out and focus on self-care and relaxation. Stress is not only detrimental to our mental health but can also wreak havoc on our skin. The physical act of massaging itself is a powerful stress reliever, as it triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. When combined with the soothing aroma of essential oils often found in massage oils, the relaxation benefits are amplified. Regularly incorporating massage oil into your skincare routine can help create a peaceful and tranquil environment, reducing stress levels and promoting overall well-being.

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  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Aches

Beyond skincare, massage oil is pain relieving, ideal for anyone suffering from muscle tension or soreness. The lubrication provided by the oil reduces friction during the massage while remaining non-greasy, allowing the therapists to glide smoothly over the skin, targeting tense muscles and knots effectively.

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  • Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is wildly important to wellness! A well-rested body and mind are crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Using massage oil before bedtime can be a wonderful addition to your nighttime routine, as it helps to induce relaxation and prepare the body for a peaceful sleep. The calming effects of massage oil can promote better sleep quality, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized in the morning.

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How To Use Massage Oil Properly

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Proper application of good quality body massage oil is essential to fully experience its benefits. Here are some simple methods that cater to your needs and skin type:

  1. Add to A Bath

Enhance your soothing bath by adding a few drops of body oil to your warm bathwater. This practice ensures deep moisturization for your skin. You can mix herbal oils with essential oils like rose extract, peppermint rosemary, or lavender oil to enjoy a refreshing aroma and additional benefits.

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  1. As a Pre-Shower Oil Massage

If you're experiencing extremely dry skin, massage your body with oil before taking a shower. This pre-clean ritual creates a protective barrier, preventing excessive moisture loss when you cleanse with hot water and body soap. Apart from enhancing blood circulation and eliminating toxins, the oil application can also help reduce anxiety. If you do this in the morning, it can even boost your energy levels and uplift your mood for the day ahead!

  1. Bedtime Oil Massage

Regale in a night massage before going to bed to properly let go and release the day's tension and ensure a nourishing, deep sleep. Set aside 15-30 minutes to massage the oil into your skin, allowing it to penetrate all seven tissue layers (Dhatus) of your body for maximum benefit. Follow it with a warm water bath to amplify the effects!

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  1. As an Additive:

Should you prefer not to use massage oil directly on your body, you can enjoy its benefits by adding a few drops to your body cream. This will impart a luxurious feel and create a protective barrier to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

By adopting these techniques, you can make the most out of your body oil, providing your skin with nourishment, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being.

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Shankara And Massage oil

According to Ayurveda principles, incorporating daily massaging, known as "abhyanga," holds significant benefits for overall health. Abhyanga is recommended to stimulate proper circulation and aid in the excretion of metabolic wastes through sweat. It is highly advised to perform both before and after daily exercise. Following the massage, the practice of "Udvartana" or scrubbing, and "Snana" or washing is recommended.

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The daily ritual of body massage not only helps to tone the skin but also contributes to improved digestion and metabolism. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in promoting restful and healthy sleep. Ayurveda recognizes the power of this ancient practice in maintaining well-being and fostering a harmonious balance between the body and mind. Saying all that, we have crafted some pretty special massage oils that are a true delight for your skin!

  • Shankara's Muscle Release Oil is a rejuvenating and aromatic massage oil designed to soothe and release tension in muscles. Crafted with a blend of natural oils and Ayurvedic herbs, this unique formula provides deep relaxation and relief to tired or sore muscles. The invigorating scent of essential oils, combined with the nourishing properties of sesame and sunflower oils, creates a revitalizing and therapeutic experience.

  • Shankara's Soothing Body Oil is a luxurious and aromatic oil designed to promote relaxation and relieve stress. The calming properties of lavender, geranium, and ylang-ylang essential oils create a serene and tranquil experience. With the hydrating benefits of sesame and sunflower oils, this body oil provides deep moisturization and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

  • Shankara's Sundarya Body Oil pampers the skin with a satin-like texture. Crafted with a harmonious blend of natural oils and Ayurvedic herbs, this body oil deeply nourishes and hydrates, leaving the skin feeling velvety smooth, and radiant. The enchanting aroma of rose, jasmine, and vetiver essential oils adds a touch of allure and sensory delight.

  • Shankara's Cellulite Treatment Oil is effective in addressing cellulite. This specialized formula combines potent Ayurvedic herbs and natural oils to help improve the appearance of cellulite-prone areas. Cypress, grapefruit, and juniper essential oils work synergistically to promote circulation and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin. Infused with nourishing sesame and sunflower oils, this body oil hydrates and firms the skin, leaving it smoother and more toned.

  • Shankara's Reviving Body Oil is an invigorating oil designed to uplift and rejuvenate the body and mind. The refreshing blend of peppermint, lemon, and rosemary essential oils provides an energizing and stimulating experience.

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In conclusion, the journey from tension to tranquility can be paved with the regular use of massage oil as part of your hair and skincare routine.

The benefits go far beyond just relaxation, as massage oil nourishes and hydrates the skin, promotes better blood circulation, enhances skin elasticity, and relieves muscle tension. The calming effects of massage oil reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and boost mood and mental clarity through aromatherapy.

As you embark on this self-care journey, choose high-quality, natural massage oils like those that create at Shankara that suit your skin type and preferred scent. With dedication and consistency, you'll not only experience the bliss of tension-free relaxation but also achieve healthier, glowing skin that reflects your inner tranquility.

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