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Intense, Energetic, Have Redness of Skin: 15 Signs You Are A Pitta Person

Intense, Energetic, Have Redness of Skin: 15 Signs You Are A Pitta Person

Intensity is the word we are looking for when it comes to describing the Pitta Dosha. Pitta is the agency of transformation and controls the digestion and metabolism functions. It is one of the three Doshas or bio energies in our body that regulate all natural processes in the creation. They function as a combination of the Five Great Elements of Pancha mahabhuta in the nature-air, ether, earth, fire and water.

Sight and taste are the senses associated with Pitta Dosa. Though the doshas influence each cell of the body, there are regions in the body where they dominate. The sites of pitta are the small intestine, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder, blood, sweat glands, sub-cutaneous fat, eyes and skin.

Before we get into the unique characteristic qualities we find in a person with Pitta dominance, let us understand the role of Pitta, which combines the qualities of fire and water elements.

  • It is responsible for cellular metabolism. It governs the functions of endocrine systems and the enzymes secreted by these glands.
  • It regulates the overall process of nutrition in your body- digestion, absorption, and assimilation. So for example, if your digestion is weak or balanced, it is related to Pitta being balanced or vitiated in your body. Improper digestion can affect the health of your skin which is reflected in acne, eruptions or flushes.
  • Primary functions like thirst, hunger, sexual energy, body temperature and heat production are influenced by Pitta.
  • Balanced Pitta increases the luster of your eyes, your body glows and it remains soft and supple.
  • This dosha stands for valor and expresses itself as intellect in a person.

The three doshas combine in differing proportions to make up an individual’s constitution or prakriti. This includes all factors-- physically, mentally and emotionally-- that express an individual’s uniqueness. While everyone has all three doshas, the relative dominance varies.

Some characteristics in a person with Pitta dominance include:

  1. Weighty with medium body frame
  2. Heat intolerance including in food, drinks and environment
  3. Excessive hunger and thirst
  4. Fast digestion and metabolism
  5. Prone to skin problems-moles and freckles.
  6. Hair problems like balding and hair fall
  7. Secretion of fluid toxins (excessive sweating and strong body odor)
  8. Joints and muscles are soft and firm
  9. Sharp, intelligent and creative
  10. Radiant and courageous
  11. Prone to anger and frustration
  12. Argumentative and hard to dominate
  13. Will enjoy an intellectually and creatively stimulating work

In Ayurveda, one is always trying to balance the dosha for a happy and healthy life. But what does that promise us? A balanced pitta indicates intelligence and a strong digestion. When in balance, they are warm and strongly emotional, loving and content. If they mock or are overly critical, it is an indication that the Pitta dosha may be vitiated.  Vitiated pitta: anger, jealousy, indigestion, migraines, bladder and kidney infections.

What is Pitta Skin?

It indicates more dominance of fire and water in the skin compared to other people of the same age and ethnicity.

Indicators of Pitta skin
  • Normal thickness,
  • Feels warm to the touch,
  • Can be sensitive

It is important to know, fire and water can also bring contradiction in the skin, also called combination skin.

Indicators of Pitta skin out of balance
  • Skin feels sensitive, tendency for redness
  • Inflammation, Rosacea
  • Dehydrated and sensitive, if fire element is high
  • Oily, if water element is
Pitta skin and aging: Pitta skin is the most vulnerable to sun damage and will show more signs of sun damage then the other skin types as it gets older. Bringing balance to Pitta skin: To bring into balance the fiery nature of Pitta, products will need to be hydrating, cooling and soothing. Ingredients will need to have anti-inflammatory properties to calm down sensitivity, irritation, and redness if present. Moisturizing and slightly sebum balancing ingredients will adapt perfectly to the conditions of the skin and bring balance whether the skin feels perfectly normal or partially dry or oily (combination skin). Some products that this type of skin needs:  
  • Hydrating Cleanser or Deep Cleanse Treatment: Ultra-soothing chamomile, lavender, neem, and calendula combine in this luxurious hydrating cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and supple but never greasy
  • Calming Mask: This algae -aloe gel mask soothes and calms sensitive skin for instant, cooling relief. Ideal for all skin types, the blue chamomile and cucumber ease temporary redness and irritation, while the coconut oil nourishes and hydrates.
  • Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment: Ultra-fine silica crystals combine with aloe gel and five algae extracts to gently sluff away dry, dead cells revealing a healthy, youthful glow that is tangibly soft.
  • Daily Repair Serum - Fine-Line (rose): Thirsty skin will drink in this rich, velvety serum that helps naturally rejuvenate skin. Rose and aloe gently hydrate dryness while calming and smoothing fine lines.
  • Anti-Age Serum: This 100% active serum combines gotu kola and chamae rose to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. Watch fine lines and wrinkles just fade away while your skin appears brighter and healthier.
  • Fine Line Treatment Oil Say goodbye to the appearance of fine lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead with this 100% pure unique oil blend. This treatment oil goes deep into the skin to calm, protect, and rejuvenate while maintaining balance in the T-Zone area for skin that looks healthy and radiant.

One must keep in mind, an individual's physical and mental constitution is never a result of a single Dosha dominance, but often a mix of influences of at least two Doshas. The best way to find out one’s Dosha constitution is get Nadi Pariksha or pulse diagnosis by a certified Ayurveda expert.