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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Liver For Better Skincare

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Liver For Better Skincare

Health of your skin reflects the health of your liver and gut, given the fact that the liver processes and detoxifies almost everything that we consume. Apart from detoxifying the blood coming in from your digestive tract, it metabolizes proteins and fats and supports the synthesis of important minerals in the body. Improper liver function due to high concentration of toxins or ama could show up as excessive dryness, redness or itchiness and dullness on your skin. But here is the good news. Alternative non invasive healing systems like Ayurveda that work with the natural rhythm of human life, hold a storehouse of information to heal and strengthen the liver function.  Minor lifestyle changes and healthy eating practices guided by Ayurveda coupled with the gifts of natural herbs can give you perfect liver health, which means more vitality and brightness for your skin too!

1) A useful Ayurvedic remedy for liver related disorders

-Make a paste of tender castor leaves and black fennel

-Have it on empty stomach early morning

2) Liver Friendly foods


Garlic and nuts are good since they support the release of liver enzymes. As a general rule, foods rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants are good preventive measure for the liver diseases. The old diktat about having more berries, cruciferous and leafy vegetables holds just as good. In Ayurveda terms, a pitta pacifying diet is a wonderful way to take care of the liver which is the engine of your body machine. Indian gooseberries or Amla are also rich in multiple important nutrients critical to liver functions. It is rich in antioxidants and reduces Ama or production of toxins thus reducing the load off the liver to deal with large amounts of toxins

3) Reduced Intake

Salts, sugar and alcohol need to be cut down to save the metabolizing agent from being damaged irreparably.

4) Gift of turmeric

Ayurveda ascribes a high place to this Asian spice, as a detoxifying agent and its value as a store house of antioxidants, and if it already isn't, turmeric needs to be incorporated in your diet.

5) Some of the highly effective herbal Ayurvedic medicines that have been showing significant results are

A) Classical texts on natural herbs and their functions discuss a formulation called Arogyavardhani Vati, a herbal formulation with minerals which literally translates to ‘herbal preparation for improving health and a disease-free body’. It is also fights diseases of heart, stomach, intestines, thyroid, gall bladder and skin.

It contains the cumulative strength of Kutki or Picrorhiza Kurroa which is known to be a extremely helpful herb in healing the liver, sap of gum resin, white leadwort, purified asphaltum, Indian gooseberries, tropical almond, myrobalan among other powerful herbs.

B) Liv On

A highly effective and herbal Ayurvedic formulation, Liv On is known to help recover from indigestion, jaundice or other liver complications. Some of its benefits include

-It helps eliminate acetaldehyde, a toxin that builds in the system due to excess consumption of alcohol.

-It helps people with liver damage since it supports regrowth of healthier liver cells.

-made from the magical herbs and ingredients like Tamarisk, Ayurvedic formulation called Mandur basma rich in iron oxide, extracts of yarrow, chicory, caper, Capparis spinosa, black nightshade plants, and  and Arjun tree.

-Rich in anti-oxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties.

C) Soothing body oils

The pitta dosha controls the metabolism function in our body. When pitta dosha stays aggravated over a reasonably long period of time, it is likely to cause disease or discomfort to manifest. One of the great ways to balance the fiery pitta can be to take regular soothing oil massages that use oils made from herbal preparations specifically put together to pacify pitta, reduce the stress in your body and relax your mind.

(With inputs from Dr. Nibin Nirmalan, a Sri Sri Ayurveda consultant)